Tuesday, February 19, 2013

CrossFit On-Ramp Day 1

Tonight, Monday February 4th, was my first night at CrossFitNTX.  I was pretty nervous, as I didn't really know what to expect.

We started out with "the burgener warm up & skill tranfer drills".  We were using 5ft long pieces of PVC.  Just doing this warmup had me breathing hard and sweating.  That is when I started to know how far out of shape I had gotten.

Afterwards, Blake (the trainer who is running the On-Ramp class) instructed us on the proper technique for air squats, push ups, pull ups, and sit ups.  Once Blake felt we were ready, he set us loose on the "Baseline" workout.  The Baseline workout is as follows:


500m Row

40 air squats

30 sit ups

20 push ups

10 pull ups


Time to complete: 11min 57 sec


This workout nearly killed me.  I had to sit in a chair for 10 minutes before I could actually walk, and then had to sit in my truck for another 20 minutes before I was able to drive.  The point of the baseline workout is to record the time it took you to complete it on the first night of On-ramp, and then repeat the workout and record the time it takes you on the last night of On-Ramp.  That way, you can see how much improvement you have made in the 12 sessions of  On-Ramp.

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