Monday, February 29, 2016

16.1: The 2016 CrossFit Open is here

The CrossFit Games Open is here again.  This is one of my favorite times of year.

Watching the announcements.

Doing the workouts.

Judging others doing the workouts.

It's all great fun.

So let's get to it.  16.1 is:

25ft walking 95# overhead lunges
8 bar facing burpees
25ft walking 95# overhead lunges
8 Chest to bar (C2B) pull-ups

Every 5ft section of the walking lunge is worth 1 point.  Each burpee is worth 1 point.  Each pullup is worth 1 point.  So one full round is worth 26 points.

I have never been able to do a chest to bar pull-up before, but I decided I was going to do the RX version of the workout on Friday regardless.

How did it go?

I did get my first C2B pull-up on this day.  I also got 15 more.  I finished 2 complete rounds for a final score of 52.  Not world class by far, but I was super happy and excited getting my first C2B pull-ups.

We'll see what Dave Castro has in store for us in 16.2.

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